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Take an unparalleled look at the incredible journey from civilian to combat-ready through the eyes of an American Fighter Pilot. Author Captain Taylor Fox chronicles his experiences while training to fly the F-16 and F-22 fighter jets in the United States Air Force.


Fox weaves a remarkable, tale of life as a airman, both on the ground and in the air. Uniquely honest and without prejudice, Captain Fox's story bears personal truths, incorporating humor, trepidation, reflection, and a firm dedication to good storytelling.


Each new entry leads to another revelation, and another lesson learned, portrayed with humility, honesty, and the authors own authentic voice. Unlock the adventure of a lifetime as you race through the clouds at Mach 2.

This is my new favorite book hands down. This book delivers unparalleled insight into the process and training to becoming a fighter pilot. From ANG selection boards to final days at B-course, no detail is too small to mention. Capt Fox delivers a captivating story that truly brings home just how dedicated and well trained our nation's fighter pilots actually are. This is a must read for anyone looking for an unfiltered and honest step by step guide on how to go from citizen to combat ready fighter pilot.                                                              -James L. (Amazon Review)

This book truly captures the essence of what it's like to be a fighter pilot. Sure, you see the glamor in the news, on tv, in newspapers, and in magazines, but you don't usually read about what it takes to get there, and what trials and tribulations a person goes through to achieve that goal. Not only is this story is like a biography for a certain time period in this man's life, but also provides very key lessons on what to do, what not to do, and what to expect on this journey.

For the layman, you get an understanding or insight into the lingo or jargon the pilots use, the atmosphere they live in, what they do at "work", and what the life everyday is for a beginning pilot who is aspiring to get to his goal of flying raptors for the United States.

                                                    -Amazon Customer

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Without a doubt one of the best I've ever read! Taylor's story as to the trials and experience and dedication to attaining his dream is exceptional reading. He started with a dream and never gave up.

                                           -Amazon Customer

This terrific read follows one man's journey from college student to the cockpit of the world's most technically advanced fighter. The author's reflections and "lessons learned" are fascinating. The topic is extraordinarily technical, but the book is very understandable and provides a look at the amazing competence of today's fighter pilots.

                                        -Chris A. (Amazon Review)