Combat Ready

Lessons Learned in the Journey to Fighter Pilot

"A must read for anyone interested in the path to become, and experience of being, an American fighter pilot. Combat Ready is an in-depth look at what it takes to join one of the most elite communities in the world." 

-Colonel Peter B. Field, USM (ret.), F-18, A-4, and F-4 Pilot

"...A uniquely entertaining read explaining the life lessons of becoming a warfighter... and how they can relate to your business and personal life. These young men are held to a higher standard, a standard this book identifies and organizations can learn to strive toward." 

-Rob K. Voss, Executive Vice-President of Sams's Club, Inc


Photo Credit: Bill Fauth

The Book

Take an unparalleled look at the incredible journey from civilian to combat-ready through the eyes of an American Fighter Pilot. Author Captain Taylor Fox chronicles his experiences while training to fly the F-16 and F-22 fighter jets in the United States Air Force. Fox weaves a remarkable tale of life as a airman, both on the ground and in the air.


Uniquely honest and without prejudice, Captain Fox's story bears personal truths, incorporating humor, trepidation, reflection, and a firm dedication to good storytelling.


Each new entry leads to another revelation, and another lesson learned, portrayed with humility, honesty, and the authors own authentic voice. Unlock the adventure of a lifetime as you race through the clouds at Mach 1 and grab your copy of Combat Ready: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Fighter Pilot today!

"Capt Fox really let's his experience shine through in this book. Combat Ready is perfect for anyone who is interested in seeing what the life of a fighter pilot is really like. Taylor does a great job of bringing the reader into the cockpit with him. Highly recommend reading it!"


After growing up in Springfield, MO and beginning flying lessons at age 11, Fox earned an MBA from the University of Missouri before finding a unique avenue to reach his lifelong dream of being a fighter pilot. 


Having worked in a variety of industries including a venture capital fund, a global marketing agency, a digital news company, a corporate aviation department and starting numerous ventures on his own, Fox has an unusual perspective of the relationship between combat preparation and business. It is a level of experience necessary to relate to most industries. 

In addition to the Air Force, he loves traveling, running, and is active in real estate.


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Photo Credit: Bill Fauth